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Everything is included:      •  No hidden costs

     •  Pay only for what you use
     •  No start-up costs
Licenses for hosting providers, resellers, ISPs, data centers
and backup service providers         
Storage-based licensing: BluPointe  offers hosting
providers a powerful and extremely simple license
structure, based on the used storage on the storage server. 
As a hosting provider you’ll get:
•  free re-branding
•  unlimited server clients
•  unlimited workstation clients
•  unlimited storage licenses
•  unlimited application plugins
•  always the latest software version
•  free support
•  free training / certification
•  start-up costs
•  minimum storage requirements
SPLA:  Storage-based licensing works according to the
SPLA model, based on the actual used gigabytes posted
from the storage server at the end of every month. The
actual storage usage is calculated:
•  after compression at the client side
•  after deduplication at the client side
•  including retention
If you’re not satisfied with the solution, you can uninstall.
No long term commitment.
BluPointe 2014 Functions And Features:
•   Remote installation – functionality that allows to easy install the client
     on a remote computer through your management console
•   Remote management (no need to RDC in) the ability to manage backup
     manager via remote GUI
•   Active monitoring – know what is happening as it happens
•   Deep De-duplication
•   Common file elimination (great for OS or applications), dramatically
     decrease storage waste.
•   Support included (no limited tickets)
•   2-tier backup – the ability to continue backup process when network is not available.
•   Low I/O impact on server, Storage or client
•   Windows or Linux server
Clients for Linux, Windows or Mac OS
New features:
•  Oracle – the possibility to backup and restore Oracle.
•  VMWare per files restore – this new feature allows to restore VMWare per files.
•  Archiving – the ability to keep specific backups actual, even if these backups are behind the retention point.
•  Common files – this new feature allows the user to eliminate or at least dramatically decrease storage waste.
•  MS Azure – MS Azure protocol is supported.
•  2-tier backup – the ability to continue backup process when network is not available.
•  Restore on Desktop – new technology that allows to restore data to Desktop/Laptop remotely.
•  APS package – the possibility to use APS package for accounts creation.
•  Color coding – new technology allows user to mark specified data in management console.
•  Remote installation – new functionality allows easy installation on a remote computer through the management console.
•  Free text columns – the ability to add free text columns to the management console/management engine.
•  VSS Share Point – backup and restore VSS Share Point.
User guides:
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Restore on Desktop
No SQL database to buy or to run on the server side or client side

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